In Medchal, a suburb of hyderabad, Telangana, on Thursday, june 20, the owner of a jewelry store was hurt after he successfully foiled a robbery attempt at his establishment by two criminals, one of whom was wearing a burqa.

Around eleven in the morning, the two thieves broke into Jagadamba Jewellers, which is situated in Kompally in Medchal, a hyderabad suburb. With a large knife in his hand, one of the guys pushed the shop owner to give him the valuables. A salesperson who was seated in the store showed foresight by sprinting inside, where additional valuables were made, and locking the safe.

Despite the thief using the knife to assault his shoulder, the shop owner fled the premises. The criminals fled in fear as the store owner emerged and began yelling for assistance to draw in passersby.
When the salesperson emerged, he threw a chair at the thief, striking him. The bandits rode off on a motorbike.
The closed-circuit television system that was placed in the business managed to record the whole robbery attempt. The video was gathered by the police. To find the robbers, special teams have been assembled and a case has been booked.

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