Undoubtedly, naga Shaurya, the young actor, is going through difficult circumstances. In addition to his failures, the well-known actor has received another boost. According to a source, "He took over a 17-crore project since he wasn't happy with the director, and the film got stuck midway." Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao, an nri who is producing the movie, has filed a complaint against the actor with the telugu Film Producers Council. 

He continues, "The producer's body discovered issues with the actor and met with members of the telugu Movie Artistes Association; both bodies comprehended the producer's pain and suffering." In specifics, naga Shaurya revealed that, after collaborating with the film's director for a few days, he was unhappy with him. 

After speaking with the producer, he decided to assign the film's co-director to the director role. He notes, "He worked for a few days and then again raised objections and didn't show up for shootings." producer Chintalapudi made many pleas, but they were ignored, so he had to ask the producers' council for assistance. "The producers' guild must speak with the actors' guild to assess the complaint and issue directives when a producer files one against an actor.

They begged naga Shaurya to take over the project by returning the money the producer paid and to decline any further offers, saying that doing so would make things tough for him.

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