When a guy learned that his relatives were arranging for his funeral while he was still living, it was the worst shock of his life. The event happened in the Vikarabad district's Basheerabad mandal. Pittala Yellappa, a 45-year-old man, resided in Navandgi village in Basheerabad mandal with his family. The man disappeared from his home two days ago after leaving for work.

The Vikarabad railway police called Yellappa's family on saturday night to inform them that he had passed away following what seemed to be a train collision. Yellappa's cell phone was discovered next to the deceased, which led the authorities to connect Yellappa to the collision.
When the family was informed of Yellappa's passing, chaos broke out in the house.
The bereaved family members visited the mortuary, where the police displayed a person's body. Due to the horrifying event, Yellappa's face was deformed. The family believed he had passed away and claimed the body.

The family members had notified their relatives and completed all the preparations for Yellappa's burial on Sunday. Meanwhile, Yellappa's relative saw him in tandur and told him about the events in his hamlet. An anxious Yellappa called his family to let them know he was still alive.
After racing home, he saw his family, who sobbed once again upon realizing he was still alive. Yellappa proceeded to report that his cell phone had been stolen by the railway police.
The man may have discovered Yellappa's cell phone near the train station, or the police believe he took it. The individual who perished in the accident is now being identified by the authorities.

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