When Taylor Swift was performing in london, she unintentionally choked on a bug. The vocalist stopped to cough throughout the middle of the chorus of the 10-minute rendition of "All Too Well" during the Eras Tour performance at Wembley Stadium. But she was back to singing in a matter of seconds.
The "Love Story" singer can be seen performing the chorus of "All Too Well" in a widely shared video from the event. She is wearing a sparkly red attire. She paused during her performance when an insect flew into her mouth.
"I just swallowed a bug, keep singing," she stated. With a brief cough, she leaned to the side and regained her composure before carrying on with the act.

Celebrities including tom Cruise, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and many more graced the stage at Taylor Swift's concert at Wembley Stadium. Travis Kelce, Taylor's boyfriend, was there in the VIP tent among the people. Taylor Swift earlier shared a photo she took with George, Charlotte, and the prince of Wales. The selfie also included her boyfriend Kelce.

Singer Taylor Swift choked on a bug mid-song during her london Eras Tour concert. The singer coughed and asked fans to sing for her before she resumed her performance.


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