With a global second weekend gross of USD 3.70 million (Rs. 31 crores), kalki 2898 AD has now made USD 25.50 million (Rs. 210+ crores) in total. The film is the eighth highest-grossing indian film with a global gross of over Rs. 785 crores, when combined with Rs. 575 crores in India. It is anticipated to rise in value over the next several years and may eventually surpass the 900-crore threshold.

But according to a poster produced by the film's creators, kalki 2898 AD has already made 900 crores. A portion of the press is charging the producers of falsifying the figures in an effort to surpass the 1000-crore milestone and surpass films such as Pathaan, Jawan, and RRR. They imply that Kalki's creators are acting in a desperate manner by claiming exaggerated collecting figures.
Kalki's foreign business is valued at over 210 crores, or $25 million USD. After subtracting this from the 900 crores that were reported, India's 11-day total is 690 crores (588 crores net). Trade reports, however, paint a quite different picture: 465–475 crores net. There is a difference of 112-122 crores net between the trade and government figures.

But we believe the creators are aware of the appropriate collection figure to make available to the general audience. They are the ones who have firsthand knowledge of the film's box office earnings. Even though they are inflating the numbers, this is a standard tactic in the business as a way to draw in more viewers. Despite its flaws, kalki 2898 AD has proven to be a profitable movie for everybody concerned, and it is expected to become a hit. That is what counts.

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