Looking for Amritpal Singh in 8 states-action taken-P3...

Police have not yet located Amritpal Singh. He is being continually strangled by the cops.

Continuation of part 2...

3. Amritpal was staying in Shahbad, haryana, woman arrested

After absconding, Amritpal Singh took refuge in Shahbad, Haryana. Amritpal stayed here along with his colleague Papalpreet Singh on the intervening night of march 19-20. haryana police has arrested a woman from Shahbad in this connection, who has been handed over to the Counter Intelligence Team of punjab Police. Kurukshetra Superintendent of police Surinder Singh Bhoria has confirmed this to PTI. He told that the woman's name is Baljit Kaur. Amritpal and Papalpreet stayed at his place on Sunday.

4. Amritpal was getting funding from 158 foreign accounts

During the investigation, the punjab police and intelligence agencies got information about 158 foreign bank accounts from which Amritpal was being funded. In these, an amount of more than Rs 5 crore has been sent to Amritpal from 28 accounts. These accounts are related to Majha and Malwa areas of Punjab. Apart from this, links to other accounts are linked to the cities of Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Batala, Gurdaspur, jalandhar, Nawanshahr, Kapurthala and Phagwara. Preparations are going on for action on all these.

5. Two more bikes involved in Amritpal's ferrari recovered

Shahkot police of jalandhar district of punjab has registered another case against Amritpal Singh. This case is about snatching the bike. It is alleged that Amritpal's associates had snatched the bike during the absconding. He left his bullet on the spot and fled on the snatched bike. The police have recovered both this bullet and the snatched bike.

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