KP in Chennai's Puliyanthope. On behalf of the Housing Replacement Board, 1,920 units were built in Kesavapillai Park, popularly known as Park, in 2016. A total of Rs 112 crore was spent on this project. Because the rate of corona infection increased after the building was finished, it was also used as a corona ward.

Kamal also chastised the fact that even a thousand-rupee electric shower comes with a one-year warranty. The public is accusing the Puliyanthoppu cottage replacement board houses of being built in a shoddy way. All buildings completed over the last ten years of AIADMK rule should be inspected.

Report of 441 pages

Following that, for more than a month, a CUBE (Center for Urbanization, Building, and Environment) team lead by chennai IIT professor Padmanabhan inspected the KP Park Multi-Residence. The international building was not constructed to the required standards. 

Money-making strategies

The expert panel's report is considered one of the most crucial in the political arena, with the minister promising that those who erred in the KP Park global housing crisis will face harsh consequences. It exemplifies the turmoil of the previous AIADMK dictatorship. Rather than offering people projects, Panneerselvam's major goal has been to generate a profit for himself. They devised schemes to make money. 

Why did the tamil Nadu Housing Board build three-tier and four-tier houses in the villages' foothills? Did they make money during the previous government by distributing jobs to the contractors they chose?

In this regard, news broke that the structures constructed by a certain company were poor after the assembly's attention resolution was introduced. The company's bridges were also reported to have been swept away in the rain. 

What is the AIADMK's position?

First and foremost, K.P., if the information on the park building had come in, the OPS would have closely supervised its construction. In this circumstance, the sole option is to put a building company on the blacklist for using poor products. Only then will other businesses be hesitant to make the same mistakes. As a result, we have no qualms about pursuing legal action against the corporation in question.


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