Indians called to Myanmar and made to do illegal work..?

Hundreds of indians were drawn into Myanmar in 2022 by promises of lucrative IT jobs. Nevertheless, businesses engaged in wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital fraud and phony cryptocurrency compelled them to perform illicit labor there. The rajya sabha was informed by minister of State for External Affairs v muraleedharan that 414 indians had fallen for fraudulent IT job scams in Myanmar.

Indians who were caught up in the fraudulent employment scheme in Myanmar were rescued when the issue was brought to the attention of the Central Government. Spokesman for the External Affairs Ministry Arindam Bagchi had reported that a group of con artists posing as employers abroad had been exposed. This group used to deceive people by pretending to offer them well-paying jobs overseas. people used to receive fictitious job offers from the gang's representatives. Then, under the guise of a visa and fees, they used to steal money from them.

People were cautioned by the Ministry of External Affairs to be wary of phony employment offers that go viral on social media. people should conduct thorough investigation before accepting job offers from overseas, it was recommended. In a similar vein, the indian Mission has saved and returned to india around 180 indian nationals who were taken advantage of by fraudulent employment schemes in Cambodia.

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