Indian Embassy in london got high security...

After the police action against Amritpal Singh in Punjab, Khalistani supporters created a ruckus in britain on march 19. There was an attempt to sabotage the indian Embassy and slogans were raised in support of Khalistan. Now after the tough stand of the government of india, policemen and barricades have been installed at various places outside the indian High Commission.

Delhi police had removed the traffic barricades outside the british High Commission. It was claimed in some media reports that india has taken this step to create pressure. The government of india summoned the british Embassy and asked questions on the uproar. The government had created pressure to take tough steps.

UK changed policy after uproar

A large number of police officers have been deployed outside the building known as 'Bharat Bhawan' in London. Many officers have reached the spot. Patrolling has been increased. britain has suddenly changed its policy after the uproar on Sunday. In Bharat Bhavan itself, the indian flag tricolor was tilted between the windows.

India summoned british officers

After the demonstration at the High Commission in Aldwych, india summoned senior british diplomat Christina Scott in Delhi. The protesters had lowered the indian flag to the balcony of the first floor of the building. india had strongly objected to this.

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