Social media users are reacting quite strongly to a video of ratna pathak Shah giving a media interview. She describes her observations of the stars' behaviour while flying. She claimed that a celebrity wouldn't even ask for his coffee. Instead, he would ask one of his assistants to get it and open the lid. The celebrity would take a drink and then give his assistant his coffee back. She thinks it's risky for a celebrity to act like a young child and rely so heavily on others.

I can't say for sure, but I doubt even kings and princes acted in such a manner. And to think that the majority of these movie stars are from common, lower-class or impoverished families. So why do our movie stars require so much pampering? A celebrity cannot hold his own coffee and ask the cabin crew for coffee. The airlines typically exercise caution and refrain from mentioning the bad behaviour of celebrities because these stars come and go quickly and the airlines need to focus on their billion-dollar business. However, these issues do occasionally make news.

Consider the incident where a drunk kapil sharma threw a shoe at his fellow performer sunil Grower on an aircraft! How are these men any better than others who consume alcohol while flying and urinate on other passengers? Where did it all start? Yes, celebrities received respect since they had large fan bases and attracted large audiences to theatres to see their movies. They helped many people, including the filmmakers, find work.

Yes, when requested, a star would receive his tea or coffee, but no one would hold the cup for him. For meals, the celebrity either ate with the group or went to his dressing room. One attendant attended to all of his requirements. That's pretty much it. What occurs next? A star has a retinue that comprises a couple of bodyguards, a driver, a dietician, a representative from the talent agency that handles his business, two or three attendants, etc.

Is that it? Not exactly; a superstar who currently has a number of failures to his name required at least four vanity vans. You know, those air-conditioned, luxurious cars with a bathroom, TV, bed, couches, and other amenities. In one scenario, the star had two vanities: one for his personal use and one for his entourage. He also had a gym and a third vanity where he could have meetings in case he had visitors or other producers drop by.

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