A mother has issued a stern warning to parents about the dangers of children swallowing magnets following her daughter's intestinal surgery. A six-year-old girl had to have her appendix removed after surgeons found a string of magnets in her bowel. Surgeon Costa Healy said the magnets "can cause life-changing injuries" and are "potentially fatal". Consultant paediatric surgeon Costa Healy said the operation could have led to her daughter dying.

The Mother of a six-year-old girl said her daughter was diagnosed with appendicitis after suffering from vomiting for two days has described how her daughter's life was saved by doctors at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, Bristol. According to the girl's mother, the magnets were used to simulate tongue piercings in TikTok videos. Tanith explained that they were so powerful that they clumped together in her gut after she ingested them. As she experimented with the magnets, she stated her kid said they "felt wonderful" in her mouth.

At school, the six-year-old experimented with magnets before bringing them home to make doll jewellery. Over the course of a few days, she consumed 23 of the strong magnets that shot through her gut. According to the NHS surgeon who performed the surgery, the magnets were "possibly lethal." The youngster was released from the hospital on monday and is now recuperating at home.

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