Special messages on Republic Day!!!

Happy Republic Day 2023 Quotes: Republic Day is observed annually on january 26 because it marks the effective date of our nation's constitution, which was adopted on this day in 1950.

For indian people, 26th january is not a date but a festival. This is the day celebrated as our national festival. On 26 january, the whole country celebrates the festival of Republic Day. Republic Day or Republic Day is celebrated on 26 january because, on this day in the year 1950, the constitution of our country came into force. people of all religions, castes and religions of the country celebrate this festival together. 

On this day every one wishes each other Happy Republic Day. Only few hours are left for Republic Day 2023 to arrive. So today we are going to tell you about the special patriotic message (Happy Republic Day 2023 Quotes) of Happy Republic Day, by sending which you can congratulate your special and loved ones.

Congratulate Republic Day with a special patriotic message

Let's remember that scene again today,

Recall the flame that burned in the martyrs' hearts, 

flowing in the direction of liberation.

remember that stream of patriots' blood

Happy Republic Day 2023

My country has its own identity,

Here, there are some Muslims and some Hindus,

praise it less

Because this is our India.

Happy Republic Day 2023

wake yourself up again

swing the baton of discipline again

remember the sacrifice of those brave

because of this we celebrate republic day

Happy Republic Day 2023

Sometimes chill in the cold and see,

Try burning in the hot sun sometimes,

How is the country protected?

take a walk on the border

Hail India, Hail India

Happy Republic Day 2023

Our nation is also something we love and respect

We continue to harbour the longing that continues nagging at our hearts

Happy Republic Day 2023

Patriots are the pride of the country

The country is respected only by the patriots

we are the flowers of that country

The country whose name is Hindustan

Happy Republic Day 2023

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