Tomorrow is a local holiday for 4 districts..!?

A local holiday has been declared for the opening day of the international Chess Olympiad as there will be traffic jams due to the arrival of the players and important dignitaries participating in the event. A local holiday has been declared for 4 districts including chennai tomorrow given the opening day of the Chess Olympiad series.
The 44th international Chess Olympiad is going to be held in Mamallapuram from tomorrow (July 28) to august 10 with 2000 players from 188 countries participating. Leading chess players from different countries of the world are going to participate and compete in this. For this, the sports Development Authority was involved in the renovation of all the structures and the work was completed and the rehearsal for the tournament was held a few days ago.Chief minister Stalin invited prime minister Modi to attend the function. Following this, prime minister Modi will come to chennai tomorrow to attend the inauguration ceremony. As a result, 5 layers of security have been put in place in Chennai. Meanwhile, to bring the grand chess tournament to the public, various awareness programs are being held all over tamil Nadu. In that way, prime minister Modi inaugurated the Chess Olympiad torch on the 19th to create awareness throughout india about this competition. The torch traveled to many states across the country and reached tamil Nadu a few days ago.Sportspersons, political figures, and the general public gave an enthusiastic welcome to the Olympic torch which went to many districts there. In this case, as the Chess Olympiad series is about to start tomorrow, the Olympic Torch reached Mamallapuram today. Meanwhile, due to the arrival of players and dignitaries participating in the opening day event of the 44th international Chess Olympiad, chennai, Tiruvallur, and Chengalpattu will face traffic jams tomorrow (July 28). The government of tamil Nadu has informed that an order has been issued by giving local holidays to other government offices, schools, and colleges in kanchipuram districts except for the government departments providing essential services.And to make up for this holiday, the 4th saturday of august 27th has been declared as a working day.

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