What modifications are necessary for open book exams?

On this subject, ABP news also spoke with Jamia Millia Islamia university professor dilip Shakya. He praised the open book exam trial and said it was a useful exercise. Additionally, he offered several recommendations for improving the system's implementation. Online home meetings are not necessary because this type of exam was administered at DU in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such examinations ought to be scheduled within the school.

Professor dilip Shakya claims that this will result in a decrease in pupils' stress levels. refuses to commit to memory. But it is imperative that this be done under supervision. In other words, only particular literature should be allowed to be studied for the test. The board itself may also provide subject books to the children in the exam room. 

Professor dilip proposed two significant adjustments. He stated that a grading system rather than a marking system need to be used in this. Aside from this, the exam should include two sections: an assignment-based portion and an open-book portion. For kids, practical assignments will be beneficial. They will be able to practice as well as gain more understanding from this.

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