Amazing work of the students of this University!!!

The central government is continuously helping the youth to advance and give a platform to their ideas. In such a situation, with the availability of a new platform, inventions and ideas of many youth are coming to the fore. In such a situation, students of Maharana Pratap Agriculture and technology university of udaipur have also made innovations of public use. This idea will save disabled people from dangers, while some ideas will easily clean the dirt lying in the lakes.

Special glove made for disabled people

Students of CTAE college of the university have made a glove to help disabled persons. Student piyush Khabya said that it is seen that family members face difficulty in understanding the commands of those who cannot speak or see. Even when he is in trouble, he is not able to ask anyone for help. This glove has been made to overcome these problems.


The sensor has been made the best by using complete technology. As soon as the person bends one finger of the glove, the command given in it will sound. For example, if you give the command to drink water, the sound will play here. Also, a button has been given which will be useful in case of trouble, on pressing which the location will be sent to the family member's mobile.


This is how the lakes will be cleaned

Student Harsh Ojha told that udaipur is a city of lakes. There are reservoirs in different lakes. There is a problem of dirt in these. Machines are also used to clean them, but pollution continues to spread. It also causes death of aquatic animals. We have made a solar based lake cleaning machine, which will run on solar and will be operated remotely. The biggest thing is that this machine will clean. Besides, there will be no noise in it and there will be no pollution from fuel. By operating the remote, cleaning can be done at any place in the reservoir with the machine. Apart from this, many systems are also installed in it. If its bigger form is ready then it will be of great benefit.

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