Learning english is not easy for everyone!!!

Learning english is really difficult for many people. Especially people living in rural areas in developing countries do not feel any special need to learn English. They feel that they can communicate in their own language for their work, so there is no use in learning English. Due to such misunderstandings, the english language training market is not growing as fast as it could. This is a big hurdle.

Where in the world is the highest demand for learning English?

It is believed that in the coming few years, the number of people learning english will increase the most in the Asia Pacific region. This includes working people, college students, school-going children and people preparing to go abroad or giving tests for foreign exams.

There are more than 50,000 english language learning schools in China, of which 20,000 are registered and the rest are mostly private institutions. More than 40 crore people are learning english in China. Currently, most of the institutions use books and classroom teaching methods. But now people are adopting new technology and prefer learning with the help of internet.

What is the trend of the english language learning market in India?

The language learning market in india is constantly changing. technology has a big role in this change. The use of technologies like e-learning platforms, virtual reality (VR) and simulation is completely changing the way language learning is done. VR i.e. Virtual Reality is a new and exciting way of learning languages. In this you are taken to a world where you are in the environment of that language and talk to real people.

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