Alert: Highly tired, breathless & experiencing muscular pain?

If fatigue and weakness are caused by doing some work, then it can be considered normal, but if it is without any reason, then it is a sign of some disease. Sometimes it is also due to deficiency or excess of any vitamin in the body or imbalance of certain hormones. Here today we will tell you about the symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiency.

Thyroid problems are becoming very common. Disturbances in thyroid hormones cause two problems – Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. There is a slight difference in the symptoms of both, but a big difference is in the weight. So let's know the symptoms of these two.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

gaining weight

shortness of breath

feeling tired very quickly

swelling under the eyes

get sick often

feels cold

Pain in joints and muscles

Constipation becomes a problem.

dry skin

excessive bleeding during periods


slow heart rate

Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

weight loss

get nervous

having trouble focusing

poor digestion

Hair starts breaking

increases appetite

get sweaty

Heart beat starts speeding up

What is the treatment of thyroid?

There is no cure for thyroid, but it can be controlled with the right diet and workout. people who have thyroid problem should take proper diet after consulting the doctor. As much as feasible, stay away from outside food. Different types of preservatives are found in the packaged food available outside, which can spoil your problem.

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