The kerala government has stated that the relatives of the Corona victims will receive financial support of Rs. 5000 every month. The kerala government has stated that the relatives of corona victims will receive monthly relief money of Rs. 5,000. The funds will be provided for three years, according to the kerala government. However, only low-income families are eligible for this support. The central government has previously granted these families with the one-time financial support of Rs. 50,000. In addition, the kerala government has promised Rs 5,000 each month in financial help for the next three years.

If they were immigrants in the state and died as a result of the incident, the chief minister's office said financial support will be granted to their families. kerala Finance minister Thomas Isaac made the statement. Corona would offer financial help to families living below the poverty line who are reliant on the victims, according to a statement from the kerala Chief Minister's Office.

This help is offered to families who have settled in kerala, even though their loved ones died of corona outside the state or elsewhere in the country. Kerala's cabinet met the day before yesterday. This additional funding was decided at the conference.

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