Are you safe? Check your mobile SAR Value-Part 1...

Many scientists continue to raise the risk of cancer as a result of the waves emitted by mobile phones, although it relies on the phone's SAR rating.

SAR Value

In the era of increasing dependence on technology, wireless technology is being used in everything. Now, instead of just talking to the mobile phone, you are working from using it like a mini laptop to operating your household appliances like lights, TV, AC. But scientists are also constantly warning about this. Scientists say that the radiation emanating from mobiles is making humans sick and making them vulnerable to cancer. However, mobile companies have been opposing these research and keep mentioning checking the SAR value of mobiles for this danger. In such a situation, the question will also arise in your mind that what is this value and can it be checked on the basis of this value that how much risk of cancer your phone is causing? Let us tell you about this so that you yourself can check the risk of cancer from your phone.

First let's know what is SAR Value

The SAR (Specific absorption rate) value tells how much radio frequency radiation your body absorbs from the mobile during a specific time period. Actually, whenever an electromagnetic wave is received or transmitted by a wireless device, a small part of it is not received or transmitted. This lost part (Lost Percentage) is absorbed by the bio tissue present around that device. Understand it in simple words, when a call is received or made from your mobile, then a part of the radio frequency goes into the tissue of that part of the body, from which the mobile is touched. This is called the radiation emanating from the mobile. The radio waves that phones emit are known to be carcinogenic. Although SAR Value shows whether this radiation coming out of your phone is harmful or not.

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