Mercury used in medical tests is dangerous!

The mercury used in medical tests is very dangerous for our bodies and the environment. For this, a huge initiative has been taken in which there is a plan to completely eliminate the harm caused by mercury by spending 134 million dollars. Different countries like Albania, Burkina Faso, India, montenegro and uganda have together taken the initiative to stop the pollution of mercury used in health services. These countries will together ensure that there is minimal use of mercury in hospitals and medicines. Also, some other safe thing should be used in its place.

First, understand what mercury is.

Mercury is a natural element found in rocks and coal deposits in the Earth. In the language of chemistry, it is shown as 'Hg' and its atomic number is 80. This mercury is mainly of three types: ordinary (metallic) mercury, inorganic mercury compounds (which do not contain carbon) and methylmercury and other organic compounds (which contain carbon).

Mercury becomes a problem for the environment when it comes out of the rocks and gets mixed into air and water. This can also happen naturally. Volcanoes and forest fires both release mercury into the air. However, human activities are responsible for most of the leakage of mercury into the environment. Burning coal, oil and wood as fuel can spread mercury into the air. This mercury present in the air can fall to the ground with raindrops, dust or directly due to gravity.

Where is mercury used?

In fact, mercury has been used in the health sector for centuries to make medicines and measure diseases. Mercury is a poisonous substance. Thermometers and blood pressure measuring machines contain mercury. Both of these are very important equipment in hospitals and are used everywhere. However, as long as the mercury in thermometers and blood pressure measuring machines are properly filled, there is no harm. If it breaks, mercury can come out and harm us and the environment.

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