National Grammar Day history - let's know...!!!

The foundation of the english language is grammar. It determines the sentence's structure, the words' tone, and the intended communication style. Slight variations in language syntax can completely alter a sentence's meaning. In actuality, the structure of any language is determined by its grammar. Grammar nazis may occasionally struggle to understand what is intended to be said and struggle to navigate through grammatical faults. Grammar establishes the standards and guidelines for language usage, which are important to adhere to as language serves as a communication tool. 

Date: march 4 is the day that National Grammar Day is observed each year. The big day falls on a monday this year.

Past: The sanskrit language utilized an early grammar around the fifth century BC, although the standard grammar and alphabetical system were devised much later by the early Greeks. Grammar, according to Greek grammarian Dionysius Thrax, is the way by which a person speaks and expresses in a language and its constituent parts in connection to one another. American professor and public intellectual Noam Chomsky is well-known for his contributions to linguistics. He significantly altered english grammar, causing significant modifications. National Grammar Day was created in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, and is observed on march 4 annually.

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