Absence of focus on gaining economic knowledge...

The improvement of the general populace has nothing to do with the size of the economy growing. In terms of size, India's economy is currently the fifth largest in the world, but in the next three to four years, it has every chance of overtaking all other economies. In spite of this, the government provides 5 kg of free food grains per month to India's 80 crore citizens in order for them to survive and eat. This statistic alone demonstrates that the nation's expanding economy has little bearing on the well-being of the general populace. This certainly applies to india, at the very least.

Growth alone does not constitute economic development.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of indians mistakenly associate economic growth with economic development. The GDP grows together with the size of the economy. The average per capita income rises in numbers as the economy grows, but this does not always translate into higher incomes for the nation's common citizens and the impoverished.

Although our nation has a sizable economy, india has a relatively low average per capita income. india is ranked 140th in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product per capita as of october 2023, according to data from the international Monetary Fund (IMF). When it comes to per capita income, many sub-Saharan African nations are falling short. In this regard, bangladesh was even ahead of us.

When it comes to per capita income, this is the state in which the entire economy is viewed as a single entity and the income is reported to each member of the population on paper. The country's common folks and impoverished actually don't make very much money. In india, widespread economic inequality is an unpleasant reality. We're headed toward being the world's third-biggest economy. Despite this, 80 crore people get their sustenance from food grains given to them under the welfare program. Even if this is a disgrace, the Modi administration is elevating it to a point of pride and using it as a political football.

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