Bengaluru is the dosa capital of India!!!

Bengaluru, the nation's centre for information technology, has been known as the dosa capital of india thanks to its vibrant food scene. Bengaluru is known for its dosa varieties, which range from traditional to creative twists. 

Evolution of Gastronomy

Bengaluru is home to a variety of traditional dosa variations, including masala dosa, butter dosa, set dosa, and onion dosa, in addition to the basic plain dosa. The variety of dosas offered by the city's restaurants reflects the city's love for this crispy treat.

Diverse Tastes

Bengaluru residents who love dosas savour a wide range of flavours, including chocolate, noodles, pav bhaji, and Schezwan chopsuey dosas. However, Bengalureans still love the traditional dosa, with its crunchy outside and fluffy within.

The Tricks to the Ideal Dosa

The secret to a flawless dosa, according to Maiyas Beverages and Foods founder and CEO Sadananda Maiya, is in the batter. Bengalureans have their go-to spots for dosas, like Maiyas, CTR, and Vidyarthi Bhavan, which are renowned for their distinctive selection.

Intentions and Outcomes

Statistics reveal that Bengaluru has a surprising taste for dosas; the city has ordered twice as many dosas than Delhi, Mumbai, and kolkata put together. Even in places like Chandigarh, which is well-known for its paratha addiction, masala dosa has grown to be a popular meal.

Ideal Timing for Dosa Delights

Dinner and breakfast are the busiest times for dosa demand. Whereas dosas are Hyderabad's favorite snack, chennai has a strong fondness for them for supper.

Swiggy's Perspectives

The well-known food delivery service Swiggy reports that Bengaluru has placed a sizable order for dosas during the previous 12 months. During breakfast alone, the platform distributed 29 million dosas, or an average of 122 dosas each minute.

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