Ordnance Factories Day : All that you need to know!!!

The indian Ordnance Factories are vital to our defense and the military might of the indian government. The indian Armed Forces protect the nation's borders and make sure that we live in peace and are not attacked by its enemies. They must, however, have the right armaments to protect the nation at its borders and themselves in order to guarantee our safety. indian Ordnance Factories give the indian Armed Forces the weapons and ammunition they need to defend us with greater fervor and tenacity. Ordnance Factories Day is celebrated with great fanfare nationwide on this annual occasion. 

Date: march 18 is Ordnance Factories Day, which is honored annually. The big day falls on a monday this year.

History: The british East india Company recognized the increasing need for weapons and ammunition for the indian army during the british colonial era. The Board of Ordnance was established in fort William, Kolkata, in 1775. A gunpowder factory was established in Ishapore, Kolkata, in 1787, and a gun carriage factory was established in Cossipore. It is now called Cossipore Gun and Shell Factory. The indian government took control of the Ordnance Factories when the country attained independence in 1947. On march 18, people celebrate Ordnance Factories Day, which honors the day the Ordnance Factory at Cossipore, Kolkata, was established.

Significance: The indian Ordnance Factories host a number of events on this day to highlight their accomplishments. This day also seeks to honor the workers at indian ordnance manufacturers who dedicate their lives to serving the country by giving the indian Armed Forces the greatest weapons and ammunition possible.

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