India needs to tread on a tight rope...

Some relations with russia soured when india began to engage with the united states more. Relations with russia were a little sour when then-US President trump and prime minister Modi became closer. However, US spokesperson Matthew Miller has stated that following the adoption of CAA, the US will keep an eye on whether minorities are experiencing any harassment or issues as a result of CAA. It's not that russia and india are now closer. 

Historical perspectives show that india and russia enjoyed cordial ties even throughout Indira Gandhi's tenure as prime minister. russia has provided india with significant political and diplomatic support whenever it has been needed. India's current foreign policy is a tightrope walker and balance test. india and the united states enjoy close diplomatic ties. Nevertheless, india and russia have a long-standing connection. Zelensky, however, believes that PM Modi should get involved in the conflict. In addition, a lot of other nations have stated that india ought to discuss this publicly.

Just two years prior, Biden had declared that india would face the same sanctions imposed on russia if it continued to purchase petroleum, energy, and other goods from Russia. However, PM Modi and Foreign minister S jaishankar responded to America bluntly on this issue. It was stated at the time that although the two nations are friendly, india would be allowed to obtain inexpensive fuel from any source, including Saudi Arabia, russia, or even the united states of America. Upon closer inspection, Zelensky has also been accused of being a joker. It's not true at all, though. ukraine moved up from 144th to 104th place by addressing the problem of corruption in the country. But if india is to continue leading the world, it will have to act as a go-between for the two nations.

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