Russia and Muslim countries get along well...

Putin has only been abroad thus far, visiting saudi arabia and the United Arab Emirates during the conflict with Ukraine. actively working to improve Russia's ties with Muslim countries. In the midst of all of that, this incident is carried out on behalf of a terrorist organization that targets Muslims. If isis accepts responsibility for it, how will that affect Russia's response? russia sought to establish its presence in the Middle East; however, will anything change as a result of this incident? I'll have to observe. 

Russia and Muslim nations have historically enjoyed cordial ties for a while. In addition to his strong ties with Putin, the Syrian President enjoys positive relations with other nations. He has cut back on his international travel because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, but he has nonetheless been to saudi arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Although they are thought to have positive connections with Muslim nations, an Islamic organization contends that russia mistreats its Muslim citizens. The ISS is also connected to a large number of Russian Chechen fighters.

Since the time of Muscovy, russia has interacted with the Islamic World as an ally, an enemy, or an invader. Grand prince Ivan III the Great gained his title in 1487 when he forced the Khanate of Kazan to become a vassal state after repeatedly defeating the Muslim Tatars.

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