Ukraine plays no role in the attack..?

Russia recently claimed that it had spotted isis troops from Chechnya fighting against russia on behalf of Ukraine. In order to execute similar strikes in russia, Chechen fighters were also receiving instruction from the Ukrainian army. A battle with the Chechens began in 1999 following a series of explosions in Moscow. Putin had put an end to the Chechen war at that point after taking office as president. Since then, Chechen fighters have not been involved in any significant accidents in Russia. russia and ukraine are engaged in a conflict at the moment, but ties between russia and the West are deteriorating. 

Both israel and Gaza are experiencing conflict. syria is also experiencing conditions akin to war. Chechen fighters and Islamic terrorist organizations have seized the chance presented by all of these instances. Putin is seen as a severe manager. He is renowned for upholding his nation's interests without making any concessions. It will be interesting to see what comes next for him. According to experts, the current state of relations between russia and Western nations is not favorable. Since the end of the Cold war, relations are at their lowest point.

The conflict between russia and ukraine, which began in 2022, is still ongoing. Tension already exists between russia and the West. These kinds of incidents in russia seem to be contributing to rising tensions. But this shouldn't take place. Since terrorism poses a threat to every nation, it should be eradicated together. Everyone ought to support the nation where this atrocity occurred. If we follow international politics, we will not witness this. Relationship conflicts increase following such events. There will be more blame-games in the future.

Russia has not yet made an official statement, but its news agencies have begun to raise concerns. Intelligence professionals and retired army officers have also suggested that ukraine might be involved. In reference to india, it is a friendly nation of russia with positive relations to the West. Nonetheless, india has already stated that terrorism is a global threat and that it must be denounced in its entirety.

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