National Cheesesteak Day - let's know its history!!!

America honors the cheesesteak, one of the all-time great sandwiches, on march 24 every year. The cheesesteak was created in Philadelphia and is refined, essential, pure, and emblematic of national liberty. From modest beginnings in South Philadelphia, the cheesesteak ascended to become a cultural icon and is now comfortably ensconced in the Sandwich Hall of Fame. 

The National Cheesesteak Day History

In 1930, Pat Olivieri—the proprietor of Pat's king of Steak and a vendor of hot dogs—grilled beef and added onions to create a sandwich that became known as a cheesesteak. One of the surrounding taxi drivers noticed this and asked for one as well. As they say, the rest is history. 

Although there are some disagreements over this account, Pat and Harry Olivieri are primarily recognized as the creators of the cheesesteak sandwich. The taxi driver stopped to grab a sandwich for himself after he noticed how appetizing Pat's was. The driver said Pat should start selling this new sandwich instead of hot dogs since the sandwich was so good. 

After the recipe was perfected, the steak sandwich at Olivieri's hot dog stand, which is close to South Philadelphia's Italian Market, began selling like hotcakes. Pat opened his own restaurant, Pat's king of Steaks, as a result of the steak sandwich's growing popularity. Even now, the restaurant is still operating profitably. It's interesting to note that Pat's first sandwich lacked cheese. Olivieri claims that at one of the eateries on Ridge Avenue, a manager by the name of Joe Lorenza was the first to put provolone cheese on the sandwiches.

Since then, cheesesteaks have gained enormous popularity at eateries and food carts all around the city. Families own and operate the majority of these restaurants, and they all have their own special takes on cheesesteaks. These days, a number of fast-food establishments sell their own cheesesteak varieties. The sandwich's other name outside of Philadelphia is "Philly cheesesteak." 

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