In this country, children up to 16 yrs cannot be slapped...

In our country, to guide children on the right path, many parents raise their hands at them for their mistakes, although many people vent their anger in some other place on the children. At the same time, many times it also happens that when the child is not sleeping, he is made to sleep by slapping him two or four times. This is a common thing in India, but it is not commonly done in every country. Actually, in some countries, beating children like this becomes very costly for the parents, while there is a country where even slapping a child is illegal.

If you slap a child in this country, you will get punishment

There are 53 countries in the world where the punishment given to children at home or school is completely banned. On the other hand, if we talk only about schools, the punishment given to children is completely banned in 117 countries. In these countries, teachers cannot raise their hands on children at all. There is also a country where if parents slap their children, they may have to face heavy punishment. Actually, we are talking about Sweden. sweden was the first country in the world to start promoting children's rights. Since 1950, teachers have been banned from beating students in sweden, while according to the law made in 1979, even parents and relatives cannot raise their hands on the child.

Any kind of violence against children is considered illegal

Any kind of violence against children is considered illegal in Sweden. Even slapping a child or holding his ear is illegal in this country. If a child complains to the police in these countries, then it is the responsibility of the police and government agencies to protect the rights of the children. If government agencies want, they can get the parents punished even by imprisonment. In such a situation, people here avoid any kind of violence on children, here even if the child makes a mistake, he is explained with love.

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