Rains have harmed tomato production, thus prices have risen. The price per kilogram in the retail sector in major areas can reach Rs 72. The recent heavy rains have severely harmed the tomato crop in maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the two most important tomato-growing states. Prices have risen as a result of items not being available in the market to meet demand.

The tomato, which cost Rs 38 a month ago in Kolkata, was sold for Rs 72 on Tuesday. In a month, the price has more than doubled. The price of a kilo of tomato has risen from Rs 30 to Rs 57 in Delhi, from Rs 20 to Rs 57 in Chennai, and from Rs 15 to Rs 53 in Mumbai. Crop quality and location determine prices. The largest fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Asia is located in Delhi's Azadpur Mandi. In the last month, tomato prices have doubled, while imports have dropped by half. 

Tomatoes from Andhra Pradesh. 

The cost of living is increasing and the tomato prices are currently following those of LPG gas cylinders, gasoline, and diesel. Tomatoes have risen in price dramatically. The average man is being harmed. Unseasonal rains harmed the crop, causing prices to drop. Rains harmed tomato supplies. Prices immediately increased as a result of this.

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