How to avoid unnecessary quarrels in Married Life?

A happy married life is the dream of every couple, if you also include some good habits in your life, then everyday fights will stop. Inculcating these good habits in yourself does not mean that you have some bad habits. 

*Don't fail to praise each other: In married life, partners often forget to praise each other. If your husband has bought a new dress for you, do not forget to praise and say thank you. Even if the wife has made a special dish for you, do not leave any stone unturned to praise.

*Make judgments jointly for children: Every parent has many dreams for their children. Sometimes it happens that a lot of quarrels start between the couple regarding the upbringing of the children. Together, talk to each other and take a mutual decision on how to raise children.

*Do Financial Planning Together: It happens in most families that the financial planning and decisions are often taken by men. Things have changed in the last few years, but still men are taking major decisions in this matter. If this is happening in your house, then change this thing immediately. Every small and big thing related to financial matters should be shared amongst themselves. 

*Spend time with each other: Many times there is a problem of compatibility after marriage. If there is a fight in your relationship even on small things, then understand each other instead of not talking or ignoring. Spend time with each other and tell what things have hurt you, what changes you want to see in your partner. 

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