If you are planning to visit on christmas, then do a road trip to these places with friends

Christmas 2022 party Ideas Best Places: The last month of the year is going on. The new year will come as soon as december ends. The new date, new day, and new month bring lots of expectations. That's why people are very excited to welcome the new year. people must have started preparations to welcome the year 2023. people party in the new year, and go on outings. But to say goodbye to the year 2022, in this last month i.e. december comes the last festival of the year, which people celebrate with pomp. christmas is on 25 December. By the way, this festival is the biggest and most important festival for the people of Christianity. But being the last festival of the year, everyone celebrates it with enthusiasm. This time december 25 is falling on Sunday. In such a situation, if you want to make christmas 2022 memorable, then you can go on a road trip with friends. Here's a list of the best places to go on a christmas road trip with friends.

 If you are a resident of mumbai, maharashtra then you can go to goa with friends on the occasion of christmas or for a New Year trip. The road trip from mumbai to goa is also budget-friendly and full of beautiful views. Many beautiful waterfalls and small hills will be seen on the way from goa to Mumbai. The journey from mumbai to goa is about 10 to 12 hours. You can leave for a road trip on friday or saturday and reach goa and have fun with friends.

The road from beautiful guwahati to tawang is full of spectacular views. You can travel from guwahati to tawang by road on the occasion of Christmas. Snowy mountains, beautiful lakes, and dense forests will be seen on the way. Friends can plan here for an exciting journey. The road from guwahati to tawang is one of the most beautiful road routes in India.

Many hill stations are located just a few hours away from the capital Delhi. You can travel to many places from delhi by road. If you want to go on a road trip in winter, then you can travel from delhi to Mussoorie. Mussoorie is 290 kilometers from New Delhi. The journey of about 7 hours will be very exciting and exciting. During this, you can stay in dehradun or if you want, you can also visit other nearby places.

One can travel from kolkata to Digha for a weekend road trip in winter. kolkata to Digha is approximately 184 kilometers and it may take about four hours to cover this journey. However, beautiful views and delicious food during the journey will make your trip more fun.

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