Will Saudi Arabian citizens be able to purchase alcohol?


Although saudi arabia forbids alcohol consumption, it consistently promotes tourism as a means of lowering its reliance on oil. Mecca and Medina are the two most significant Islamic sites in saudi arabia, and alcohol is forbidden in Islam. under Saudi Arabia, the production and sale of alcoholic beverages are prohibited under such circumstances. Alcohol is vital, according to Saudi Tourism minister ahmed Al Khatib, but it isn't hurting travel to Saudi Arabia. In a Bloomberg interview, he stated that saudi arabia has chosen not to sell alcohol.

According to ahmed Al Khatib, saudi arabia is seeing a significant influx of visitors. Although a large number of visitors are here for work, play, and religious purposes, they haven't voiced any complaints regarding alcohol. According to the minister, tourists are going to Saudi Arabia to shop and eat. The local culture is becoming more widely known to visitors from abroad. The minister expressed his optimism that Saudi Arabia's tourist industry will keep expanding. international tourism to saudi arabia has increased significantly. According to the United Nations tourist ranking, saudi arabia has taken the top spot. Compared to 2019, Saudi Arabia's tourist industry experienced a 56% growth in 2023.

Saudi Arabian tourist investment

The primary focus of Saudi Arabia's prince Mohammed bin Salman's 'Goal 2030' initiatives is tourism. As per the report, the number of visitors to saudi arabia in 2023 was 1.06 crore, which was higher than the number projected by Saudi Vision 2030. The government is spending billions of dollars on a variety of projects, such as luxury trains and Neom City, but the main concern is that if alcohol is banned in saudi arabia, visitors would not come. The Saudi minister of Tourism has responded to this query.

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