The GodFather pre-release ceremony for megastar chiranjeevi was staged at Anantapur in a magnificent way with a sizable attendance. Despite it rained as the event was taking place, the crowd remained unfazed. Indira Devi, mother of mahesh babu and wife of superstar Krishna, passed away, and chiranjeevi sent his sympathies to the family. Then he said something intriguing, claiming that it always rains when he visits Rayalaseema.

"I perceive the rain as a good omen. I wasn't sure if I would make it to the event because I had filming scheduled in vizag until 2:00 PM. I took a special flight here so as not to let you down. ram Charan, according to megastar, is the reason he decided to film the remake of Lucifer. Charan stated that the new version of lucifer fits my persona. Additionally, he offered Mohan Raja as the project's name. salman khan, in Mohan Raja's opinion, would be the best fit for the key role. Sallu Bhai answered the phone when Charan contacted him, and without even hearing the narrative, he nodded.

With his elegance, grace, macho appearance, and fighting prowess, salman Bhai took the lead in the closing scenes. Thaar Maar song will undoubtedly astound you. Thaman, who received a national prize, elevated the film with his BGM. There isn't much room for music in this movie because it isn't a musical. But Thaman turned it into a musical movie. His creations will make you shiver. The Ghost, starring my brother and friend Akkineni Nagarjuna, will be released on the same day. I'm hoping it'll be a tremendous success. On that day, young kid Ganesh's Swathimuthyam will also be released. That need to also become popular. The film business will thrive once both big and small movies are box office successes.

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