Godfather, the newest movie starring megastar chiranjeevi, hit theatres today. This political drama, which Mohana raja directed, is an official translation of the 2019 malayalam hit Lucifer. In the first film, which was directed by well-known actor prithviraj Sukumaran, mohanlal played the lead role. In addition to malayalam, lucifer was also made available in other South indian languages. At the time that Godfather was announced, many telugu speakers watched it on OTT.

However, Mohana raja asserted that his rendition would amuse viewers regardless of whether they had seen the original. Prior to the release, Mohan raja made the declaration, and it is admirable that he had the guts to do so. In a recent interview, Mohana raja stated that a few aspects of Godfather are absent from Lucifer. He said the screenplay for The Godfather would be sharp and compelling. The movie's screenplay was also credited to the director.

Ten more characters will prevail in this movie in addition to Megastar's. In lucifer, it wasn't the case, he stated. His assertion is largely accurate. In many ways, Godfather differs from Lucifer. An intense action drama featuring Mohanlal's panache is called Lucifer. Mohanlal's persona is completely ignored in the movie, which presents him as a demi-god. Although the telugu version's creators followed a similar strategy, they gave all the characters greater depth by enhancing the drama components.

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