Even after the film reached its second week of release, megastar chiranjeevi is still promoting GodFather. sukumar is behind his making the remake of lucifer, he revealed. "During his conversation with Charan, sukumar suggested that I would be a good lucifer remake pick. sukumar was unable to execute so, nevertheless, because of his hectic schedule. According to chiranjeevi, his experiment of omitting songs and heroines will encourage upcoming directors to create new narratives. "I can try new subjects if the audience accepts me in experimental movies."

He claims that he wanted the brother-sister sentiment to be the main theme of GodFather rather than turning it into a political play. "We wanted the soul to be present because it would make the story much more captivating. The improvements made by Mohan Raja and his colleagues are positive. Remakes, in Chiru's opinion, come with a significant amount of risk. "When we do remakes, there will inevitably be parallels. As a result, few people attempt remakes. I take care to complete them in accordance with our audience's preferences.

Megastar declares that as stars, we must alter our perspectives and choose alternative narratives. "Compared to Bollywood, our budgets are very big. There are many theatres here, and telugu film has a significant market. The safe bet has so become fundamental to us. Young directors, in his opinion, have more exposure. "More information is readily available. Prior to this time, information and resources were scarce. I'm willing to collaborate with emerging directors as well.

When chiranjeevi was active in politics, he also responded to criticism of him. "Some people disparaged my blood bank and referred to me as a land thief. Perhaps it was self-realization, or maybe they came to the truth through the legal system. I won't hesitate to approach them and apologise if I misjudge them. After integrating PRP into Congress, chiranjeevi turned his whole attention to the film industry. "If the political party had remained, I would have had to leave telangana and be limited to AP. I'm glad to be a citizen of both telugu states now.

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