Since he began giving several interviews to media outlets to promote himself and his next movie Varissu, which stars tamil actor Vijay in the lead, ace producer Dil Raju has become the talk of the town. Things became really heated during one of the ace producer's most recent interviews when he said that he would no longer stand up for Tollywood. Speaking about how his name keeps coming up in every single controversy—including karthikeya 2's failure to find theatres and a dispute with >mythri movie makers that resulted in the latter opening a distribution office in Nizam—Raju claimed that his name keeps coming up in controversy because he stands for everything in the telugu film industry.

"I believe I should give up advocating for causes in tollywood since everyone works for egotistical and financial gain. Otherwise, everyone is going for me since I have great content that can be purchased on websites, Raju said. Additionally, he said in the interview given to a web portal that the fight between the hero and mahesh babu started because the hero listened to everyone, and he added that the hero Nikhil might have sobbed and withdrew his name as part of a publicity stunt to help karthikeya 2 gain attention.

However, the producer made it clear that he will release varasudu in every theatre he owns because that is how business is done. He also said that if movie MAKERS' target='_blank' title='mythri movie makers-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>mythri movie makers contact him and ask for theatres for chiranjeevi and Balayya's projects, he might consider giving them some screens. One would question why Raju suddenly developed an intolerance for Tollywood.

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