It is well known that Soujanya Srinivas, wife of popular director trivikram, is a classical dancer. She performs on stage frequently in Hyderabad. Soujanya performed "Bhama Kalapam" last night under the direction of well-known classical dance master Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry. The function was held in Hyderabad's ravindra Bharati. Audiences were captivated by Soujanya's flawless performance. The event's images were posted online. trivikram himself was sighted during the gathering.

Recently, Soujanya also entered the production world with her production company Fortune Four Cinemas, and she and sithara Entertainments helped finance a number of movies. On the other hand, Superstar mahesh babu plays the lead role in Trivikram's forthcoming movie SSMB 28, which is now in production. Due to Mahesh's parents' passing, the film's filming was put on hold for a few months. Mahesh has returned from his vacation, therefore the shoot should start off again soon.

The shooting will start on the 17th of this month once the scheduling is complete. The stage is being prepped for the filming, which will start as soon as the Sankranthi festival season is over. Once the shoot starts, it will move quite quickly, and the movie might be scheduled for release this August.

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