"I won't side with anyone or against anyone. I'll avoid politics and elections and put all of my attention into my work. That's it," the superstar stated in a tuesday interview with a leading media. He asserted that he was not the Mahabharata character Lord Krishna, whose assistance Duryodhana and arjuna had asked for. They arrived at krishna as he was dozing off and took seats by him. However, I'm always awake. He therefore won't offer anyone the opportunity to ask for his support. I'll advise them to watch my films and have fun," he stated.

When asked what he would do if pawan kalyan asked him to back him, the megastar scoffed at the idea, claiming there was no need for his help. "There is no possibility of picking a side. Although I may have helped my brother in the beginning, he must choose his own path now, the man remarked.

Naidu wrote the state director general of police last week, accusing them of acting in a "autocratic" manner and asserting that he had requested permission to visit the kuppam constituency but that it had been denied due to a government directive. Following the meeting, Naidu and kalyan told reporters that there had not been a discussion about poll alliances specifically but rather how to create a unified platform, the "Prajaswamya Parirakshana Vedika," to defend the state's democracy and "together" combat the "undemocratic" policies of the governing YSRCP.

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