Shocking post of a singer..!? Reunited with her husband Premji...!?

A playback singer has posted a picture of herself hugging Premji which has gone viral on the internet saying she has reunited with her husband. gangai amaran is a versatile actor, director, singer, and music composer. His sons venkat prabhu and Premji are currently busy in cinema. venkat prabhu is a leading director in the tamil film industry. His film journey which started with chennai 28, is currently going on till Maanadu. On the other hand, Premji is emerging as a multi-talented artist like his father as a composer, actor, and singer. Even though he is over 40 years old, he is still unmarried and crawling around as a rogue single. Premji is coolly replying that it happens when the marriage takes place in the interviews as well.In this case, playback singer Vinaitha has posted on her instagram page that she has reunited with her husband after posting a picture of her hugging Premji, and has also played the background song 'En Purushan Thaan'. Premji has also shared this on his instagram page. netizens who are shocked to see this are posting that Premji got married. They are also starting to question whether Premji and Vinaita got married secretly. The truth will be known only if both of them say whether they are really married.

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