Kangana Ranaut said such a thing about earning crores. kangana ranaut has targeted the mindset that considers the crores of films as success. people are associating it with Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan.

Bollywood actress kangana ranaut remains very active on social media, but she was missing from twitter for a long time. At the same time, now she has returned to this social media platform. As soon as kangana comes, she started giving her opinion on the issues related to the industry. On the other hand, today, when Shah Rukh Khan's film 'Pathan' dominated the entire twitter, Kangana's angry post is becoming very viral. In which he has fiercely targeted the commercial success of films.

Kangana Ranaut's twitter post went viral

Kangana wrote in her post- 'The film industry is so ugly and crude that whenever they flaunt money in your face to show the success of a project or art. They feel that apart from earning, there is no other work of the artist. Such exploits bring the fallen thinking and their worn-out ways in front of everyone.

Angry at this

Kangana further wrote- 'There used to be temples of art, there were literature or theatres, and now it has reached theaters. This industry has not been created only for the economic benefits of billions of dollars. Artists are worshipped, not industrialists or billionaires. Artists should display their art wisely, not shamelessly. She has not named anyone in her post, but twitter users are seeing her post associating it with the success of 'Pathan' and many have even said that she is jealous of its success

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