The "Unstoppable" banter between balakrishna and pawan kalyan has been eagerly anticipated. On this, there are a lot of high hopes. The most anticipated episode's teaser has finally been released, although it did little to raise anticipation. Prior to this, a trailer for the prabhas episode was aired, and the anticipation was so high that the server collapsed. However, the Pawan-Balayya episode fell short of raising these hopes.

The same curtain raiser clips are replayed here in the material. The teaser adheres to editing standards that are lower than those used by many YouTube channels. balakrishna requests that Pawan refer to him as "Bala" in a normal manner. Calling his vadina (Chiranjeevi's wife), pawan kalyan reflects on the past and declares that he won't be acting in any more films. These two jokes are rather commonplace. The next dull typical inquiry is on the positive traits that can be taught from Chiranjeevi.

The sole amusing query in the entire teaser is over the reason why ap votes do not reflect fan adoration. This is an intriguing question posed by balakrishna, and we must wait to hear Pawan's response. Everything else is just rubbish aside from this.

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