The telugu film industry has been receiving stars from jagan Mohan Reddy's administration ever since it came to power. Because one community dominates the industry and there is suspicion that the majority favours the TDP, jagan has done all in his power to punish the sector, which has already been harmed by COVID. The tamil film industry is currently receiving lands from the same Jagan.

The andhra pradesh state government has decided to allocate land for the tamil film industry. Due to the lack of land in tamil Nadu, kollywood has urged the state government to grant them land in Andhra Pradesh. In agreement with this, the ap government has given the district administration orders to find suitable lands for land allocation. Now, many tamil movies will be coming towards Andhra for shooting and finishing the portions and sequences by paying a sum.

The tirupati district's Varadaiyapalem, Satyavedu, Sullurpeta, Doravarisatram, and Tada mandals would receive the land allocations. It is noteworthy that the government made not a single decision to support the growth of the sector in Andhra Pradesh. In addition, the cm has shown a preference for suresh Babu and ramanaidu Studios in Vishakapatnam.

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