The opportunity to make a lot of money working with a famous hero generally tempts no producer to pass it up. According to insiders, a producer was presented with an offer by Pawan Kalyan, but he politely declined. In the business, there has been open discussion about how pawan kalyan is misusing the production banners' funds by accepting big advances while delaying the start of the film.

There is an allegation that the Mythri banner paid pawan kalyan an advance of more than Rs 40 crore as they waited for him to start shooting the movie and paid enormous interests. The long-started but unfinished "Hari Hara Veera Mallu" movie from producer AM Ratnam. The Peoples media and DVV Danayya films have not yet begun production.

In this instance, pawan kalyan requested a producer join him in making a movie. According to the confidential sources, the producer responded with a solid "no" without any hesitation. Since 2014, this producer has worked for Pawan. The producer rejected Pawan's offer and gave health-related excuses. Many people think that the producer made a sensible choice given Pawan Kalyan's lack of discipline and ongoing commitments and projects.

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