Tollywood crazy star hero icon allu arjun gained India-wide popularity with the movie 'Pushpa the Rise'. Under the direction of star director Sukumar, the movie was produced as a Pan india movie on a huge scale by the makers of Mythri movie and achieved huge success worldwide.  Unexpected collections in the north have taken the bollywood trade circles by surprise. With this, there are huge expectations for 'Pushpa 2'. Keeping in mind the craze for the movie, director sukumar is bringing this movie to the screen in a huge way that no one expected.

 In Part 1, the daily wages person grew up to become a syndicate smuggler due to his attitude. In 'Pushpa 2', the person who leads the syndicate becomes the don of the most wanted red Sandal empire worldwide and creates a network abroad. If this is the case, the regular shooting of this movie, which has been going on for a long time, has recently started in Vizag. Allu Arjun's introduction song was shot there on a grand scale. Inside talk that this will be a special highlight of the movie. If this is the case, there is interesting news about this movie which is currently in the filming stage. 

As the first part was a tremendous hit, sukumar is bringing part 2 with special twists and turns. As part of this, a news that the interval bang in this movie will surprise the fans as well as the audience has gone viral.It is known that bunny will be seen as a red sandal slugger in the movie. However, Sukumar, who was shown in Part 1 as a man who gets some money from the syndicate, in Part 2, deva is going to show bunny as a don who spreads red sandal smuggling abroad.  

The inside talk is that this scene will be the main highlight of the movie as everyone will be seen in this look in the interval bang.   Apart from that, it seems that there will be new characters in the movie beyond Part 1 and these will be the highlight of the movie. It has been heard in industry circles that sukumar is going ahead with a big plan regarding this movie and that he is going to bring the movie to the screen to standards that no one expected.  Fahad Fazil, anasuya Sunil and others play key roles. 

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