On february 3rd, Michael, the first Pan-Indian film for Sundeep Kishan, is scheduled for release. Today was the pre-release celebration for the movie, and nani was the major guest.

Sundeep Kishan expressed his gratitude to nani for attending. "Nani and I have been close friends since I started my career. He was there for the first time at my function. But I'm grateful that he came for this particular movie. This film is truly unique. It is crucial for our generation to have a coworker like Nani. After seeing Dasara's teaser, I was enthralled. We appreciate you always being so wisely motivating in the appropriate way.

I'm most proud of lokesh Kanagaraj. Ranjit Jeyakodi is the greatest gift this universe has ever given me. I get inspiration from Nani. He returned on the hardest day, and his second round of travel was flawless. I performed Ninu Veedani Needanu Nenu with the intention of performing Michael. bharath had entire faith in us. One of the least well-known composers is the music director sam CS. vijay sethupathi performed outstanding magic.

Nani praised the trailer's soundtrack, aesthetics, and acting. "After seeing the teaser, I could tell that the movie is starting a new trend. I wish Michael will set trends as shiva did. The information seems pretty original.

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