Ajith became very happy after hearing the story of 'AK 62'..!?

It is said that the film AK 62 starring ajith directed by Magizh Thirumeni is ready with a budget of Rs 220 crore. After the huge success of Thunivu, the film AK 62 starring actor ajith was announced last year that Vignesh Sivan is going to direct the film and Anirudh is going to compose the music for the film. When the shooting of the film was expected to start soon, the news that vignesh shivan has been dropped from the film left Ajith's fans in shock. Ajith is said to have decided to change director as Vignesh Sivan's story did not satisfy him. According to this, the information spread on social media that the film will be directed by Magizh Thirumeni instead of Vignesh Shivan. ajith was especially impressed with the story told by Magizh Thirumeni, so they committed him. It is said that the film AK 62, which is being made by Magizh Thirumeni - ajith alliance, is ready with a budget of Rs.220 crores. Reports also suggest that ajith is determined to complete the shooting of the film soon and release it on diwali this year.Apart from that, it is said that the Lyca company has paid a huge amount of salary to the director Magizh Thirumeni, who has committed to directing the film AK 62. The information is spreading that for the film AK 62, the salary is twice more than what he has received so far. It is to be noted that the director Magizh Thirumeni has directed films such as Thadaiyara Thaka, Megaman, Thadam, and Kalaga Thalaivan before this.

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