Pathaan: The young man became a fan of 'Pathan' after watching the film, Shahrukh himself shared the video

The campaign 'Boycott Bollywood' and 'Boycott Pathan' seems to be a super flop. On one hand, the film is being opposed, on the other hand, since its release, the film is ruling the box office and continues to earn handsomely. Meanwhile, the video of a young man from patna is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Directed by siddharth Anand, 'Pathan' is getting a lot of love not only in the country but also abroad. Fans have become even more excited to see Shahrukh in an action avatar in the film. Since its release, 'Pathan' has made many records in its name. Even now the protest against the film continues. A video of a young man from patna, the capital of Bihar, is going viral on social media, he had come to protest, but after watching the film, became crazy about Pathan.

Shahrukh Khan himself has shared the statement of this young man on his social media. Soon after this, many celebrities started sharing the statement of the patna youth and it went viral. The boy's name is Irfan and his friends call him 'Protestant'.

During a conversation with the media, Syed Irfan ahmed told that it is his habit to protest. I keep protesting even at home. Went outside the cinema hall to protest against the film Pathan too, but friends forced the film to be shown. Felt very good after watching the film. When he came out after watching the film, the media people asked about the film. The answer I gave has now gone viral.

Irfan further told that when his video went viral, his father beat him fiercely at home. I got beaten up as much as john abraham would not have been beaten up by shahrukh khan in the film. Despite this, Irfan is not backing down from protesting.

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