Naga Chaitanya, a young and gifted man, has been trying for a while to make some significant money, but mainstream and commercial films aren't providing him the opportunity. He also came up with phrases like "Thank You," but those also failed to catch on. And now, under venkat Prabhu's guidance, he is developing "Custody." Here is a brief description of his other movie.

Chay was reportedly intended to work with parasuram a long time ago, but when the director received a call from Mahesh Babu, he abandoned this project and moved through with "Sarkaru Vaari Paata." The film's typical substance didn't appeal to many moviegoers, despite the enormous numbers that were allegedly made from it. Chay, in particular, didn't like it and chose the film Custody instead of Parasuram's.

According to the most recent information, Chay didn't like the story's final manuscript, which has the working title "Nageswara Rao." It is rumoured that Chay has chosen to entirely cancel this film because the director has failed to produce anything innovative, only typical commercial masala fare. Before, he had agreed to collaborate with the director parasuram, but now he has changed his mind. Our sources claim that naga chaitanya wasn't happy with the script that parasuram wrote. The filmmaker is alleged to have made few modifications despite repeatedly expressing misgivings about the story he had created.

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