Bollywood had recently had a number of monumental failures. Cirkus, a movie starring rohit shetty and Ranbir Kapoor, ranks among the worst in terms of box office failures. Cirkus is recognised as one of the biggest loss endeavours in indian movie history because it was unable to even recoup a portion of the cost. 

Now, the movie is about to have its OTT debuts because it will debut on Netflix on february 17th. On december 23rd of last year, the movie opened in theatres, and now, almost two months later, it will debut on OTT.

There isn't much to anticipate as the OTT debut draws near given the type of reviews and the reception the movie had after its theatrical release. Dr. Roy Jamnadas finds two pairs of identical twins outside his orphanage and gives them up for adoption, placing them with two different families in two different places. Years later, when one set of twins decides to travel to the city where the other set of twins operates a circus, a comedy of errors occurs, according to the plot. Can it succeed on OTT any better? The likelihood is really slim.

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